Pizza is the easiest food to express yourself with.

Just look at what someone orders as their pizza toppings — it’s like a personality test. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whatever pizza is going to make this day right, we’ve got it for you.  Even non-pizza lovers (do those really exist?) will find something satisfying on our menu. Starland Pizzeria and Pub is here to give you the pizza you want, the beverage you need, and the good time you deserve.

Pizza. The Great Equalizer.

At Starland Pizzeria and Pub, we think that any meal, any gathering, any day can be vastly improved with pizza, and we have the menu to prove it. We use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, but we keep it simple. Besides pizza, Starland Pizzeria and Pub offers calzones, hot sandwiches, and salads. Want to order online? Click here. Not feeling one of our Speciality Pies? We won’t be upset if you want to come up with your own list of toppings. Starland Pizzeria and Pub has the grub and beverages to make any day better.

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